Wise Words from Josh Wilder, Playwright

Within the play’s development process, Josh landed on the hero’s journey as a structure that felt most fitting for what the play wanted to be. So, what is the hero’s journey, and what does Josh think about it??

The Hero’s Journey diagram:

For More information on this, go to a previous post here


  What does Josh have to say about it?? 

I think it’s a hero’s journey just discovering that your parent is a person. I think any kind of like self-realization or some kind of actualization of somebody else… there is a mini hero’s journey within that. When every young person, maybe they’re 18 or whatever, when they actually are able to see their parent like a fully 360 human being. There’s a journey within
that and I think that there’s a journey into letting go of an icon. There’s always a journey of letting go. I think letting go of this ideal version of a parent is a life lesson that we all learn at some point. Letting go is a hero’s journey.”


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