Making Connections Part One: Neighborhood Memorials

Though LEFTOVERS takes place in South Philly, the play is being performed at the Strand Theatre in Roxbury/Dorchester. These series of blog posts are meant to provide image based inspiration of the parallels between these two neighborhoods. Josh Wilder, the playwright who was born and raised in Philly said in an interview with dramaturg, Tatiana Isabel:

” It’s such an awesome opportunity to see a Black play be done in a black neighborhood. But also I kind of feel like Jalil and Kwamaine could live in Dorchester too, like Jalil and Kwamaine probably walk past The Strand all of the time, but never got the chance to go in. So, it means a lot to find an audience, and also it means a lot to present a play in a demographic it was meant for.  I just think that building an audience is really important for a playwright, and having it in Dorchester is the best. The audience of people who look like me and my friends, an audience of people of color.

I know that Dorchester is being gentrified right now. So is Philly. The parallels are very similar. I grew up around abandoned houses my whole life. I always wondered, who lived in that house? What happened in that house? What’s the history of the house? “

The first is: Neighborhood Memorials  













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