“This aint an automatic man- Come On!”

The father son bonding moment of Leftovers occurs when Chris hops out of the driver’s seat of the 18 wheeler they were riding in, and let’s Jalil drive.  It’s sweet, and it’s exciting too because the 18 wheeler is also manual, and Jalil has not even gotten his driver’s license yet.  Here are some videos on how to drive stick, as well as how to drive stick in an 18 wheeler:

How to drive stick shift:

How to drive  shift 18 speed in an 18 Wheeler:



Videos that display the shifting movements while driving A big truck:


Man teaching a student how to shift gears in the truck:


Some things to note:

Where things are located in the car ie: button, the sticks

Where the stirring wheel sits in relation to the person sitting down

The mechanical arm movement of switching gears

Where the people are looking as they drive

The order in which the drivers do things from the moment they approach the truck



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