Bill Cosby Impressions!

JALIL goes to the step and takes off his cap and gown, revealing his oversized white tee and jeans. Seeing that JALIL is feeling better, KWAMAINE does his best Bill Cosby impression.


Ya see, Theo, what you got to understand about weeds is that they could grow anywhere. Wherever there’s some dirt, best believe that the mothafucka is going to grow there. Weeds are unwanted flowers and they usually thrive in the ghetto. Because they’re too ugly to look good in a vase and too needy to be in a garden— ooooowwwwwwww….

Leftovers by Josh Wilder

Kwamaine is always pulling out his best Bill Cosby Impression that often becomes contagious  so that Jalil also joins in!  Coincidentally, Kwamaine isn’t the only one who loves to impersonate Bill Cosby. Here is an impression of the “owwwwwww” both Jalil and Kwamaine do multiple times throughout the play, as well as some famous comedians’ rendition of Bill Cosby both as Cliff huxtable and as a stand up comedian:

“OWWWWW” happens 1:47

Bill Cosby/Cliff Huxtable Impressions:

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