The conjuring of forgotten love: Roc and Chris


CLIFF HUXTABLE presses the “AUX” button on his remote. CHRIS’s  radio turns on and starts playing “Come Get To This”, by Marvin Gaye.
Aww shit now we in business.
CHRIS (turns the radio up..)
 He gets up and starts jamming.
You better take it easy old man before you fall down.
C’mon baby, dance with me. Don’t make me embarrass ya.
I ain’t doing all that.
You the one who wore the dress. Might as well dance in it.
He keeps grooving. RAQUELLE looks at him. She remembers him.

Leftover, by J.Wilder

One of the hardest things is loving someone who is addicted to a substance, and yet…the love Roc and Chris’ have for each other still lies buried in their hearts. When Cliff Huxtable uses his remote to play “Come get to this” by Marvin Gaye on the radio, it   catalyzes a brief unveiling of a past Chris. Roc remembers. Here is the song that re-conjures old times between the two of them, if even for a few minutes.

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