The Cosby Show references series: ONE

Kwamaine and Jalil LOVE the Cosby Show and want to be “Cosby Show Happy.” They long for the type of sitcom happy they see on the Cosby Show between Cliff, Claire, and Theo Huxtable. Kwamaine in particular is full of specific episode references throughout the play. From air playing the trumpet part of the opening theme song of the show, to  lip syncing the Ray Charles song, “Night time is the right time” in the Cosby Show fashion, the impact of the Cosby show is perhaps most alive in Kwamaine as he weaves the show’s lesson/references into his reality.  Here are the episodes and moments Kwamaine engages with throughout the play:

“We hear the brass section from the Cosby Show Theme song as the brothers are getting ready for their daily ritual…Kwamaine starts his air guitar trumpeting as the theme song continues, attempting to snap Jalil out of his self-destruction.” P. 4

“KWAMAINE: Ya see, Theo what you got to understand about weeds is that they could grow anywhere. Wherever there’s some dirt, best believe that the mothafucka is going to grow there. Weeds are unwanted flowers and they usually thrive in the ghetto. Because they’re too ugly to look good in a vase and too needy to be in a garden—ooooowwwww” Leftovers, p. 7

In this moment Kwamaine tries to cheer up Jalil with his best Bill Cosby Impression ala Bill Cosby Stand up punctuated with his iconic “OWWWWWW”  Here is some stand up!

“KWAMAINE: Sometimes I think maybe if he and mom watched the show with us then they’ll get something out of it too. Like on the episode when you and Claire, turned your house into an apartment and became Harley Weewax and Milly Farquar. You charged him rent and everything just so you can teach him about being an adult. ” Leftovers, P. 82-83

Here’s the episode Kwamaine is talking about from Season 2, “Theo’s Holiday”

” In Cosby Show Fashion, Raquelle, Jalil, Chris, and Kwamaine perform a lip-synched and choreographed version of the “Night time is the Right Time”, By Ray Charles. It’s not comfortable for everyone, only Kwamaine. ” Leftovers, P. 108

Here is the choreographed dance the Huxtables perform to “Night time is the Right Time.” On page 107 of the play, Kwamaine says it’s his favorite Episode!


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