Philadelphia: The geography

” CHRIS: Naw man, you can’t be dealing with no North Philly girls. They crazy. You need to get you a West Philly girl. ” -Leftovers p. 43-45

While Jalil, and Chris, Jalil’s father are taking a drive in his truck, they start talking girls. Chris begins to define the the way different girls behave as correlating directly to what part of Philly they are from. Now, even though Jalil sets him straight saying it doesn’t matter where they’re from, there are many specific geographical references made throughout the play.  Below is a map for a visual of the different parts of Philly that are talked about, and some more examples from the text about different characters and places talked about:


  • The action of the play takes place in South Philadelphia.
    • South Philadelphia is known for its Italian and Irish communities, is one of the city’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. In addition to traditional Italian eateries, the area is known for its Vietnamese pho restaurants, Mexican taquerias and dive bars. The South Philadelphia Sports Complex is home to the Eagles, Flyers, Phillies and 76ers.
  • Raquelle is from West Philly. (p. 45)
  • Shemariah, Jalil’s girl is from North Philly (p. 44)
  • Ms. Shirley, Chris’s boo is from North Philly (p. 45)
  • Six Flags is about an hour drive away, in New Jersey (p. 10)
  •  Chestnut Hill is the boujie side of town where Jalil would like to move to when he is wishing on the dandelion, and is also the part of town the Huxtables lived in (p.13)
    • Chestnut Hill has lots of leafy streets lined with stately historic mansions and Victorian townhouses. This affluent part of town is known as the city’s garden district. Picturesque Germantown Avenue is lined with antiques shops, art galleries, tearooms and farmers’ markets.

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