Philadelphia Row Houses

Roc and her boys, Jalil and Kwamaine live in a Row home in South Philly.  While Row Houses have been gentrified in certain neighborhoods, the street we find Roc’s home in has not been touched. So, what is a Row house and what makes


it so special? Well, simply put, the Philadelphia rowhouse, is a one to four-story house occupying a narrow street frontage and attached to adjacent houses on both sides. It evolved early in the city’s history initially intended to be  tiny, more affordable “Trinity” or band-box houses that served people working in the city’s burgeoning port. Philadelphia rowhouses outnumber  all other housing types as they have always

Picture1.pngbeen the most space-efficient and cost-effective way to provide homes for a rapidly growing industrial city. What makes them so special is that they can provide an affordable way of living within reach of the heart of the city in houses whose density makes community much more immediate than in car-focused suburbs. Here are a few pictures of some Rowhomes similar to where the Family would be living in, and a link to the Philadelphia Rowhouse Manual  if you would like to read a detailed architectural history of the Row House.

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